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Our world has serious environmental problems, from the unhealthy air we breathe to the water we drink and bathe in and the wireless electrosmog that is wreaking havoc on our health.  Most of our foods are depleted of vital nutrients because of depleted soils, pesticides, chemical fertilization, genetically altered seeds and improper food preparation. Combine all that with the stress of everyday life from family, society, career and financial challenges, and our need to purify our living environments, to cleanse and energize our bodies, to align our mind with our heart, and to motivate our spirit has never been greater.

These are the topics I write about and the subject of my 900+ page website,, which offers products, resources and newsletters that promote greater health and cleaner environments, including wireless device EMF protection, air purifiers, water filters, salt free water softeners, skin care, hair care, dental care, body care, cosmetics, makeup, pain relief, nutritional supplements, far infrared portable saunas and devices, Himalayan salt products and lamps and more.

I hope you enjoy my blog, find the information I present useful and tell your friends.

Wishing you an inspired day.

Carol James, Founder of


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