How to Know When You’ve Made the Right Decision

Life is filled with decisions that need to be made in every moment of every day. Some decisions are automatically made without even thinking about it, like grabbing food when you feel hungry. Some decisions take place without your awareness, like the beating of your heart or taking a breath. Think of your brain simply … Continue reading How to Know When You’ve Made the Right Decision

The Reality of Reality

What is your reality? What are the types of experiences you’re going through? Are they fun, rewarding, heartwarming and loving? Or are they stressful, painful, heartbreaking or just plain awful? Maybe even a mix of both, but which one is more dominant? You may not know it, but you are the creator of your reality, … Continue reading The Reality of Reality

Life Tip: Getting Your Timing Right

Timing is everything and everything has its right timing. Acting too soon can cause struggles and upsets. Acting too late can lead to a missed opportunity. When it feels right, it is the right time, and not a minute sooner. Be patient until you feel that right time and everything will come together easily, quickly … Continue reading Life Tip: Getting Your Timing Right