The Best Air Purifier For Your Kennel

How to Find the Right Size System to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Air filters for your dog kennel can make working enjoyable or a chore. Many dogs, confined in a small space, nervous and confused, cause accidents and other odors. You need fresh air and clean air for you and the dogs to be happy and, more especially, healthy.

Not all air filters are built the same. You’ve heard it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog? Unlike dogs, it really is the size of the air filter.

Air filters are amazing. They can clean the air of particulates, remove smells, and even kill dangerous bacteria that can spread diseases like kennel cough.

If your kennel houses 20 or more dogs, you have a higher risk of kennel cough or another infectious disease present. And once you get one case, the word can spread like wildfire.

You never know when an infected dog comes in until after the symptoms appear… but then it’s too late.

Filters Matters – The right air filter is more than just bulk

Various air filters take care of different problems. For example, if you want to get rid of dust, HEPA filters do just fine.

If you want to get rid of smells, your filter needs to break down the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) or trap them in something like an activated carbon filter.

Removing bacteria, very tiny bacteria, and microparticles from the air require something a little different. This is what you need in your kennel, and here is where size makes the difference.

We’re going to take a look at our Air Oasis 5000PRO air and surface sanitizer, purifier, and deodorizer as an example. This air filter removes particulate matter from the air, kills bacteria, and even destroys some of the VOCs that cause bad odors in your air. But, it’s not a traditional filter. It’s the more advanced Photo-Catalytic Oxidation technology, which sends billions of cleansing ions into the air and on surfaces to go after the pollution wherever it is in the room.

Place down low, in a corner, the Air Oasis will remove a certain amount of smells from within that confined space. But, that confined space is half of what it can handle because it’s up against the wall. It’s going to suck back in a lot of the clean air it just filtered.

So, you might think about putting it in the middle of your kennel, and that’s a good idea. It’s going to suck in the maximum amount of air. What you are going to miss all those little nooks and crannies were dust bunnies got into. And where dust bunnies gather, problems develop.

There are ways to overcome that problem.

Locating Your Air Filter For Maximum Effect

We actually recommend suspending your air filter from the ceiling of your kennel. Because of the way the air circulates in the near kennel, dust, bacteria, and other dander tends to rise. That means it can suck all of these particulates in before they cause problems. And, if you use the right number and size of air filters, you’ll get all those nooks and crannies and all the trouble spots cleared out.

So, what is the right size? That can vary. You need to look at the square and cubic foot of space (yes, that difference matters), the number of dogs, whether you groom or not, office space, and what’s going on outside. Do you have lots of grass, or are you in an industrial area? Grassy areas have more pollen, and industrial areas have more dust.

If you have a little bit larger office space in your dog kennel, the air purifiers can be attached to the HVAC system to help clear out that office space. Because the office-based doesn’t have as much debris causing activity, it does not work as hard, and you don’t need as many.

Of course, it all depends on the size, too. The speed you run it makes a difference. Running slower means better filtration. Running faster does not clean the air as efficiently.

How The Number of Dogs and Air Purifiers Matter

The number of dogs effects what kind of air purifier you need. The more dogs you have coming in and out of your kennel, how often you clean the enclosures, and the health of your dogs will affect your air purifier.

So, we want you to take account right now:

  • How often do you clean each kennel? And we mean a thorough scrub down to remove all of the dirt.
  • How often do dogs cycle through your facility?
  • How many dogs are generally present in any one point in time?
  • How many windows for fresh air do you have?
  • What size is your facility?
  • What else do you do? Grooming? Sales? Boarding?
  • What extra space do you have and what does your HVAC system look like right now?

These answers will affect your choice. The more dogs you have, the more dust and dander you have. And, the higher chance you will get a sick dog. Kennel cough spreads quickly through airborne particles. Having a better photo-catalytic oxidation system in place will reduce the chances of spreading kennel cough and other respiratory problems.

The Air Oasis blankets the air and surfaces with cleansing ions that destroy the germs that cause infectious dog diseases, as well as odors, chemicals, dander, and pollen.

We also send you the certificate letting your customers know that you are protecting the health of their pets by using the Air Oasis air purifier.

We want you to give us a call to talk about the kennel air filter that will work best for you. We’ll be able to answer your questions and give you the right recommendation. Plus, if you take our advice, purchase the system, and use it well, we guarantee you will be right for your facility. If it isn’t, we’ll replace everything.

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