Best Drug-Free Way to Reduce Workplace Anxiety

Here is a permanent way to deal with anxiety in the workplace without using drugs, alcohol or getting sick: First determine what the cause of the anxiety is. Is it work overload, an unhealthy environment, aggressive or abusive personalities or you don’t really enjoy the work you do? Changing your work situation so you can … Continue reading Best Drug-Free Way to Reduce Workplace Anxiety

Struggling to Stay on Wellness Products?

Do you waste money on supplements that promise to make you healthier, but that now sit in your cupboards collecting dust? Why aren’t you taking them? Is it the taste or smell? Is it not easy or convenient to take?  Are you expecting a magic pill that will quickly solve your health problems? Were you … Continue reading Struggling to Stay on Wellness Products?

STOP!!! Enough already.

STOP!!! Enough already.  The bickering is so loud it’s getting hard to hear my soul. All the lies, deception, hatefulness, insults, fighting and violence going on in the name of … what exactly? To what lengths will you go to oppress, suppress or attempt to obliterate those whose skin color, heritage, religious affiliation (or lack … Continue reading STOP!!! Enough already.

Why is Holistic Healing on the Rise?

Based on my personal experience, my guess would be for the same reason I stopped using Western Medicine back in 1981: too many medical mistakes, misdiagnosis, false positive tests, negative reactions to drugs, irresponsible drug prescriptions and a propensity to manage disease rather than heal the person. After I left Western Medicine I learned what it … Continue reading Why is Holistic Healing on the Rise?

Secret to Getting Healthier As You Age

Our body is a sophisticated, advance intelligent life form that functions all by itself without our conscious awareness. The physical body form is another gift we  have been given, a vehicle that enables us to fully experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch and energy of ourselves and others and our magnificent planet lush with … Continue reading Secret to Getting Healthier As You Age

Depression is Not a Disease

Depression is not a disease, although it can be contagious. Depression is not genetic, although anyone can pass it on to others. Depression often leads to suicide to end the pain, although for family and friends suicide brings new pain. Depression is a problem that has infected millions of people worldwide, maybe even you. In … Continue reading Depression is Not a Disease

The Reality of Reality

What is your reality? What are the types of experiences you’re going through? Are they fun, rewarding, heartwarming and loving? Or are they stressful, painful, heartbreaking or just plain awful? Maybe even a mix of both, but which one is more dominant? You may not know it, but you are the creator of your reality, … Continue reading The Reality of Reality

Where Did We Go Wrong?

How did we get to this place where bullying, hate and violence are the norm, where lies go unchallenged, corruption abounds, science is rejected and environmental pollution is okay? Did we instruct our children to selfishly think only about themselves? Did we teach them to be wasteful and destructive to our environment? Did we let … Continue reading Where Did We Go Wrong?

SAVE $$$ off ALL Unique Holiday Gifts through Christmas

A 10% discount will be automatically subtracted from your order in our shopping cart. Save even more on already discounted products. Visit to start shopping today. Click the title or picture below for more information or to place an order. We have a lot of products that make great, healthy gift ideas for holiday … Continue reading SAVE $$$ off ALL Unique Holiday Gifts through Christmas

Far Infrared Beauty & Pain Relief Devices

Do-it-yourself spa-quality far infrared devices rejuvenate your aging skin, relieve muscle and joint pain, remove toxins from your body and promote relaxation, all in the comfort of your home. Light therapy is one of the safest and most effective methods of rejuvenating and healing the skin and providing pain relief. Forty years of independent research … Continue reading Far Infrared Beauty & Pain Relief Devices