Device relieves pain AND makes you look years younger!!!

This device is so advanced that you can treat your face, neck, chest, hands or back in only minutes a day. The anti-aging effect caused by the deep penetrating far infrared, deep red, red and amber lights provide wrinkle and line reduction and prevention, skin tone and color enhancement, hyper pigmentation treatment and many other skin ailments. The results are healthy, glowing, youthful skin.

In addition to anti-aging effects, the powerful infrared (IR) LED lights support skin healing and recovery activity, as well as minimizing damage caused by sunburn, bruising, cuts and scrapes, scarring, etc.

Because I’ve used mine for a long time, people are stunned to know I am 70. Plus there have been several occasions when I used it for healing, like when I fell on my hip on the cement one dark night. After immediately treating my hip for 18 minutes before going to bed, I woke up with zero pain.

Having the Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) II Professional light therapy device means you can rejuvenate your skin in the comfort of your home, whenever you want. No more expensive appointments necessary.  No more traveling to the salon or doctor’s office to get your skin rejuvenating treatments.  And you get the extra benefits of pain relief treatments when you need them.

And the DPL II system is the only full face professional light therapy device that is FDA-cleared for in-home use. And it is classified as an OTC Class II medical device for wrinkle reduction.

The 192 medical grade lights soothe your skin and help you find the most beautiful you. The lights used are:

  • Amber light helps to bring vitality to dull and lifeless complexions. Amber light is great for bringing a glow to the skin for special occasions and reduces the appearance of redness, swelling and inflammation. This color of light is beneficial for rosacea and the treatment of burns such as sunburns.
  • Red light has the ability to reach deep layers of the skin, where it rejuvenates and stimulates cellular repair and increases circulation to promote a more vibrant and youthful complexion.
  • Far Infrared (IR) light, invisible to the naked eye, penetrates deeper than any other color in the spectrum. IR light combats the signs of aging, replenishes dermal and epidermal cells, and stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin. It is also used to de-age the skin and accelerate the healing of wounds, cuts and skin damage.
  • Red and IR light work synergistically to deliver optimal skin rejuvenation.

Our special discounted price for this amazing device is $349.00 (normally $399.00)  plus no sales tax and free shipping in the contiguous USA.

Financing is available.

Call 866-875-4386 Toll Free for more information or order online at  click here to start shopping

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