Eliminate Toxic Fumes from Acrylic Nail Salon Products

Some of the most toxic indoor air is found in nail salons, and people who work in them often experience headaches, trouble breathing, skin rashes and other health problems from constantly breathing toxic chemical fumes from the products they use daily.

These hazardous chemicals pose health risks to you and your clients. Long term studies show that salon workers have higher risks of chronic conditions, including certain cancers, immune diseases, asthma and birth defects.

Noxious fumes are emitted from nail polish, polish remover, acrylics, varnish and adhesives commonly used at nail salons. These chemicals include toluene and formaldehyde, which the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) classifies as carcinogens (cancer-causing), as well as ammonia, acetone, methacrylic acid, dibutyl phthalate, methylene glycol and ethyl methacrylate (an expanded list is provided below). While some ingredients are listed on the product label, manufacturers are not required to list all ingredients in products sold for professional use.

The fumes from these toxic chemicals are dangerous to the health of nail professionals and other salon employees, salon clients, and even local residents and area workers.

Create a safer, healthier environment for your clients and staff by significantly and quickly reducing hazardous chemical fumes and odors with the Airpura C600+ and V600 models. These air purifiers use a special carbon designed specifically for acrylic nail fumes and odors.

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