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The last quarter of 2013 was so busy I didn’t have time to send newsletters or to announce new products that have been added at InspiredLiving.com. What a terrific problem to have, and I hope all your business ventures are doing great. Here are the new products:

Salt Chunks for Baths, Hot Rocks and to Make Sole (saline solution)

Himalayan Salt 4.4 pound bag of salt chunksThese amazing rock crystals have immense healing and therapeutic qualities, especially when heated.They can be heated by water, microwave or simply body heat. They are packed in 4.4 lbs organza bags, with a mix of sizes, from as large as a woman’s palm to about the size of a small apricot or plum.

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt chunks are suitable for preparing a sole (saline {salt} water solution; just fill a glass jar with purified water and place a bunch of the rocks into the water. When the pH has reached 7, the salt stops dissolving.) or a bath and can, also, be heated and placed on various parts of the body.

  • If heated slightly, they can be placed directly on your head to relieve headaches, body aches and pains.
  • When added to your bath, they become a relaxant to get rid of aches and pains.
  • As a sole, it makes a great mouth wash and douche, can be used to make a poultice and various other uses for saline water.

NOTE: SAVE 10% off All Himalayan salt products. Just add them to the cart to see the discount.


Marvelous Tooth Care 3-Piece Kit

This is a simplified natural dental care program in three eaMarvelous Tooth Care 3-Piece Kitsy steps:

STEP 1 – Brush with Essential Tooth Washâ„¢ morning formula when you wake up. This deep cleaning formula removes any sticky plaque formed on your teeth during the night and leaves your teeth feeling silky smooth. I’ve never found another toothpaste that can clean as great as this product. The added benefit is my gums are healthier, too. And I like the toothsoap in a gel form, although be aware that a little goes a long way.

STEP 2 – Brush with essential Tooth Washâ„¢ evening formula before you go to sleep. Neutralize acids at night and bathe your teeth in natural calcium. This step seems to remove stains from my teeth, too.

STEP 3 – Rinse with Tooth Freshâ„¢ during the day, after meals, when you can’t brush or when you want to freshen your breath. Just tap a small amount in your mouth and swish with saliva to neutralize acids and freshen your breath. You can either spit it out or swallow it (you would be swallowing coral calcium, solvant-free baking soda, Himalayan crystal salt and peppermint essential oils).

Only the best ingredients are used: Saponified organic olive and coconut oils, essential oil, Himalayan crystal salt, solvent free baking soda and distilled water.


New Papaya, Hazel Nut and Dragon Fruit Toppings for Hemp Heart Meal Replacement Bars

Hemp Heart Meal Replacement BarsWe now carry three new toppings for the Hemp Heart Meal Replacement Bars. The dark chocolate bar now includes Papaya topping and the dark milk chocolate comes topped with Hazel Nuts or Dragon Fruit (a berry tasting yet slightly crispy fruit).

The massive 12″ x 2″ bar can make up to 6 servings and is rich in protein, essential fatty acids and fiber. I always have one or two of the bars next to my desk. Some days get too busy, and I will usually take about an inch or two as a very filling snack. I also like to have one fruit topping and one nut topping because I like the taste of dried fruit and nuts together. It may seem expensive at $7.50 each, but if you get 6 meals out of it, that’s only $1.25 per healthy meal.


UMF 15+ Manuka HoneyHONEY REMEDYâ„¢ UMF Active 15+ Manuka Honey

It takes more than two million Manuka flowers with bees carrying their own weight in nectar and pollen to make just one pound of this golden Manuka honey. Extremely rare, less than two percent of all of the Manuka honey per year is considered active enough to be certified UMF.

HONEY REMEDYâ„¢ Manawa East Cape UMF Active 15+ Manuka Honey from New Zealand tests out at 19 UMF (10 or higher is consider therapeutic) and is a rich, sweet, nutritious and tasty food and is one of the most potent therapeutic grade honeys in the world.

Honey is produced from a variety of floral sources and its natural antimicrobial activity varies greatly with origin and processing. Generally it is the naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide produced by enzymes in the honey that is slowly released in sufficient enough levels to be effective against bacteria but not enough to cause damage to the tissue.

UMF active Manuka honey has an added benefit specific to its floral source known as UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) that gives it an extremely powerful edge over other honeys. It is so powerful that scientific studies have shown the anti-bacterial activity of UMF active Manuka honey to be more than 100 fold stronger compared to other honey, and is 10 times more potent than Tea Tree Oil.

I have used this Manuka Honey for two purposes: 1) As a wound treatment when my hand was bit by a dog several years ago. I had a nine inch gash plus four puncture wounds. Twice a day I washed the wounds with manuka soap, then slathered them with manuka honey, and the wounds healed very quickly, and 2) I recently drank several cups of Manuka honey tea every day to treat a cold, and I moved through the cold quicker than ever before because of the addition of the Manuka Honey.


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