Before You Take Your Final Breath

Dear Mom,

On this, your 94th birthday, my wish for you is that before you take your final breath in this world, you experience the force and power of love. Real love between two people.

Love that accepts you just the way you are. Love that embraces all that you have been, all that you are and all that you will become.

It’s a love that wants you:

  • to succeed rather than hoping you will fail.
  • to find the best of and for you, rather than telling you who you should be.
  • to be happy by doing whatever brings you happiness without judgment or criticism.

It’s a love that is nurturing, supportive, caring, kind and embracing rather than demeaning, degrading or dismissive.

It’s a love that loves you in all moments, not just the moments you do something approved of.

It’s a love that wants you to always feel loved and lovable.

When you experience the joy of unconditional, non judgmental and unwavering love, you will know heaven.

I finally found that love in my life through my friends, so I know how good it feels, and that’s what I want for you. I know it may be difficult to embrace such things at present, but all it takes is a change of heart.

  • Deciding to see the good in people instead of their flaws
  • Embracing who they are instead of who you wish they were
  • Finding common ground and growing from there

After a lifetime of feeling unlovable, I came to understand that if I wanted to feel loved, I needed to become a loving person in my thoughts, words and actions. I don’t always succeed, but I always strive for a loving solution. Sometimes to help keep me on track, I’ll ask myself, “How would I feel if someone said or did that to me?”

The path to love is easy when the feeling of heaven is the goal.

Love attracts love; loving actions attract loving actions; kindness attracts kindness. It’s the way of life and the choices we make.

Happy birthday, Mom, with all of my heart and all of my love.


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