Breakthrough: Clearing an Obstacle on the Path to Manifestation

I caught myself today in a long-standing pattern that often triggers tension and stress in my journey to live my dream life.

It’s a pattern of thinking that I have likely carried my entire life, but today is the first time I caught myself in the act of doing it. It was a breakthrough moment! And what was so amazing in hindsight is that just before it happened I had pulled a stone from my stone bag and drew the word: “breakthrough”.

Here’s what happened: I was in a meditative mode, lying on my bed envisioning the direction in which I wanted my life to go. In 1996 I began building my dream of having a website filled with information that would help people to deal more effectively with the stressors in life and to live their dreams. Little did I know that it would turn into an 800+ page website that sold over 400 products.

The website became an extension of my own personal journey. It stores the knowledge I gained as I learned more about the importance of the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in, the food we eat, the supplements we take, the wireless smog we expose ourselves to and the stress we cause ourselves. Along the way I found a lot of very high quality green products to use and sell.

But running a successful Internet-based retail business demanded my full-time and attention, and meant leaving the consulting, speaking and workshop part of myself fall by the wayside – although it never left my consciousness.

Over the past few years that yearning to return to working as an educator and mentor has been getting stronger and stronger. However, as with everything in the manifestation path, everything has a right time, and timing is everything. When the timing is right, doors (or windows) open easily, almost magically. When something isn’t right, it is fraught with struggles, obstacles and difficulties. I’d bet most of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about.

This past year that yearning has been screaming at me, and yet the path back into that world eluded me. That is until about two months ago when I got a phone call asking me to submit an application to be a speaker at the Portland Green Festival Expo this upcoming December.

Long story short, after several weeks of flailing while trying to decide what to talk about, I finally found the topic and wrote the article, Green Up the Top 5 Issues that Prevent Vibrant Health and submitted my application. As an afterthought, I sent my article to the festival head honcho and was shocked to receive an acceptance the very next morning.

The door opened.

Now what?

And that brings me to today and the moment when I had my breakthrough. Prior to beginning my meditation session I had written some vision statements: I wanted to consult with business owners, facilitate seminars, workshops and retreats, speak at functions and write more articles. Then, just before entering my meditative state, I posed this question to myself, “What do I most need to know right now?”

It only took seconds for vivid images of my mentoring individuals, speaking at companies and events and teaching groups of people to appear, and I was completely and utterly resonating with having that outcome.

But then my thoughts shifted to things like, “Who will handle the retail side?” and “How are you going to find the right person to work for you who can do that?” Immediately my energy dropped and tension set it. In that moment, I no longer resonated with having my dream outcome because I was focused on the possible obstacles that hadn’t even appeared yet.

Duh! I know better than that. I have had a lifetime of miracle experiences. You know, those times when everything falls into place easily and effortlessly? Or when you were just thinking about something and within minutes, hours or a day it happens?

The breakthrough message for me was to not get caught up in the details of how something is going to unfold. Today, right now, is the best moment to move the dream forward, so I asked myself, “What can I do right now that is an action toward my dream?”

And immediately the word “breakthrough” popped into my thoughts, which instantly took me back to earlier that morning when I had pulled that word out of the bag. I laughed at the cosmic humor of how this event unfolded, and then immediately began writing notes for the article that you are now reading.

I got all caught up in details that would easily work themselves out when the timing was right, and that’s when I realized that I had shifted from manifestation of what I want to manifestation of what I didn’t want. And the solution was so easy: Get back to the present and focus on what I can do right now to move my dream forward.

How are you spending your thoughts?






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