The Reality of Reality

What is your reality?

What are the types of experiences you’re going through?

Are they fun, rewarding, heartwarming and loving?

Or are they stressful, painful, heartbreaking or just plain awful?

Maybe even a mix of both, but which one is more dominant?

You may not know it, but you are the creator of your reality, even if no one taught you how you are doing that. It took me many decades to really understand what that meant, and another decade to learn how to make the changes within me to integrate each aspect that contributed to my creative energy and the resulting experience I encountered.

As a result, my life and health have changed dramatically and they continue to get better and better all the time. The key I have found for me is to pay attention to how I am directing my creative energy in the things I think, say and do every day.

That doesn’t mean that I never make bad choices, but when I do I am able to quickly understand what went awry in my vision, beliefs, biases, filters, expectations or needs, and how to fix it. It’s much like how an archer practices shooting arrows into a target, aiming for the bullseye; the more she understands the forces of nature that contribute to the arrow reaching the target – wind, angle, distance – and the more she practices her aim, the better she gets and the more often she hits her target.

The forces of nature we contend with in expressing our creative energy are within us in the form of the clarity of vision we have for ourselves, the beliefs, biases and filters that either support us or stand in our way, the pressure of expectations we put on ourselves (or let others put on us) and our own neediness that often leads us astray.

If you want to improve your odds of hitting your targets more often, start by observing the things you talk about the most. For instance, if you want to improve your health, pay attention.  Do you go on and on about every health malady you have … and maybe look for new ones at every doctor visit? Do you wear your list of health problems like a badge of honor?

Do your thoughts, words and actions support wellness or sickness? Do you eat fresh, healthy non-GMO food and drink and bathe in uncontaminated water? Do you take care of your body and give it lots of movement and love? Or do you abuse and neglect it, binging on ice cream, cookies, pretzels … When you’re stressed, what foods or activities do you turn to? Are those healthy choices?

If you’d like to be more prosperous, do you go on and on about how broke you are? Do you resent having to pay your bills, or are you grateful for every blessing that comes your way?

The way you think and speak and the choices you make moment to moment are the deciders of what you are saying you want for yourself. After all, if you didn’t want it, then why are you spending so much time thinking and talking about it?

When you do the same thing repeatedly, you create the outcome of that repetition. For instance, if you frequently talk about your health problems, eat an unhealthy diet, sit in a chair most of the time, and neglect your body, your body eventually degrades, beginning with your weakest parts.


You did it my mistreating your body and it responded accordingly. But it’s your reality and it doesn’t apply to anyone else. They have their own reality to create.

The good news is that your body is very resilient (as are you), and you can turn things around, but you have to make that decision. You can’t turn things around because someone else is pressuring you to do so. YOU must be the one to choose to change and you need to do it because YOU want to change.

Otherwise you will fail.

And that’s just reality.

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