Clean Your Teeth Like Never Before

“‘I am surprised how clean your teeth are’, said my dental hygienist at my last visit. It was the first time ever that she didn’t have to clean my teeth. The only change I made was to start using the Marvelous Tooth Care system.” — D’anne O., Newberg OR

Marvelous Tooth Care 3-Piece Kit

This is a simplified natural dental care program in three eaMarvelous Tooth Care 3-Piece Kitsy steps:

STEP 1 – Brush with Essential Tooth Washâ„¢ morning formula when you wake up. This deep cleaning formula removes any sticky plaque formed on your teeth during the night and deep cleans gums, pits and fissures in teeth, leaving your teeth feeling silky smooth.

“I’ve never found another tooth cleaner that can clean as great as this product. The added benefit is my gums are healthier, too. And I like the toothsoap in a gel form, although be aware that a little goes a long way.” — Carol James

STEP 2 – Brush with essential Tooth Washâ„¢ evening formula before you go to sleep. Neutralize acids at night and bathe your teeth in natural calcium. This step removes stains from my teeth, too.

STEP 3 – Rinse with Tooth Freshâ„¢ during the day, after meals, when you can’t brush or when you want to freshen your breath. Just tap a small amount in your mouth and swish with saliva to neutralize acids and freshen your breath. You can either spit it out or swallow it (you would be swallowing coral calcium, solvant-free baking soda, himalayan crystal salt and peppermint essential oils).

Only the best ingredients are used: Saponified organic olive and coconut oils, essential oil, himalayan crystal salt, solvent free baking soda and distilled water.

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