Best way to get new clients for healthcare business?

Because healthcare is an extremely broad subject, ​I would suggest that you first pick a few focuses within healthcare based on the areas that excite you the most. For example, dealing with stress, weight loss, fitness, nutritional guidance, energy balancing or youthfulness.

There may be a lot of things you can do, but start with 2 or 3 that you connect with the most and have had the greatest success with. You can always incorporate other things as the relationship with your client evolves.

​Once you are clear about what to offer, it’s easier to know who your audience is. The next step is to formulate a marketing piece to tell your audience what you do, how you do it, why they need it, the benefits they will gain, what type of person benefits most from it and what others have said about your work.

​Now that you know who your customers are and what you have to offer them, you will need to find them.  Where do they hang out? What chat lists are they subscribed to?  What businesses do they frequent? Are there local networking groups you can join? Are there any opportunities for you to speak to groups? Have you developed any workshops to teach your work to groups?

Once you find your audience, tell everyone you meet what you do and give them success stories about how you’ve helped other clients. When they start asking questions, assume they want more information to see if it’s right for them, opening the door to a potential client.

To stimulate more business, create a Tell-A-Friend discount program to encourage your customers to share your work with their friends, and maybe even offer a new client discount.

Above all, hold the image of the type of client experiences you want to attract and shape your message to match that outcome!

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