Got Pain? A Simple Way to Accelerate the Healing Process

No one likes pain “¦ except maybe masochistic people “¦ and when pain strikes, it increases the tension level in your body.

Whether the pain was caused by something someone else did to you (for instance, a doctor giving you a shot in the muscle instead of a joint) or caused by something you did, like tripping on a speed bump and falling on your hip, cutting a finger while slicing vegetables or bumping into the corner of a table, the body’s response is the same: STRESS.

When a part of the body tenses in pain, oftentimes the tension itself eventually becomes a source of pain if not released. Additionally, tension (stress) in the body can impair the healing process.

And, it’s likely that you were already under some or a lot of stress before the painful event occurred, so the new pain only adds to your body’s stress level, leaving you even more vulnerable to accidents, altercations or other health problems.

Whether the pain level rises or descends can depend on your response to the pain.

Resist it, fight it, criticize yourself or another for causing it or focus on the pain itself, and you are sure to have a slow healing process.

Relax, embrace it, release blame and focus on moving healing energy to the pain location, and you enhance the healing process.

Here’s an idea to speed up the healing process if the pain is in your hand, wrist, arm or shoulder (modify the steps below depending on where your pain is located):

  1. Anchor a healing message into the sore area by gently and lovingly rubbing the sore area, while mentally or verbally telling it to relax and release the pain. It is important to breathe deeply while doing this, imagining each breath bathing the area with healing energy.
  2. Place your hand on your wrist and while keeping the hand touching your skin, move the hand up the entire arm up and over the shoulder and into your heart area, all the while repeating the healing message. Remember to continue breathing through it while you do this.
  3. Repeat the above two steps several times during the day, especially when the pain intrudes on your day and right before you fall asleep at night.

Note: If the pain is in your foot, ankle, knee thigh or hip, do the same movement as in item 2 above, but starting at your big toe and moving the hand up the entire leg and up to the heart area.

While doing the above steps, imagine that you are moving the painful energy away from the hurt spot and depositing it into your heart where it is transformed into vital healing energy.

Obviously, this approach won’t work if there is a serious condition causing the pain, and healthcare intervention is required. But regardless of the cause, the healing process can be accelerated or slowed down by how you treat yourself and the source of the pain.

After all, you do have more say so about your body’s health than you may realize.

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