Lessons Learned from Dog Poop

Crispin, my spirited dog of 15 years, had the habit of pooping in my neighbor’s yard when I lived in the mountains of Flagstaff, AZ. She never pooped on anyone else’s yard, except that one neighbor.

I often heard my neighbor speak under his breath about how much he hated that dogs pooped in his yard (other dogs sought out his yard, too), yet he never mentioned Crispin’s name nor confronted me directly. So, I just let her do it.

I rarely knew when she had done it, learning only after-the-fact. Although I do sheepishly admit that I had seen her do it a few times, yet never made an effort to clean up after her on his property.

At this point in my story, many of you might be feeling appalled at my behavior for not depooping his yard when I knew that my dog was one of the poop culprits. But hold off a sec while I continue the story.

One night it happened while I was standing on my porch and my neighbor was standing in his front yard. Crispin boldly walked over to his yard and pooped right in front of him. I heard him say (not to me, just under his breath), “Boy these dogs who poop in other people’s yard. . .” and the rest faded away on the breeze.

In that moment I saw how energy flows among and around people and animals. Crispin is a very connected, aware, intelligent, sensitive being. I knew that Crispin would stop using his yard as her personal toilet as soon as he stoped focusing on her using his yard or asked me to take care of it. So I was more inclined to just observe this demonstration of the Law of Attraction in action and leave room for him to come to his own awareness.

Crispin was responding to his attention to poop in his yard, so she simply obliged him.

This whole revelation was funny to me, even while it was profound. I could clearly see how my neighbor was attracting the event and why Crispin had chosen only his yard (he was also an abuser of his own dogs, so Crispin may have had other motives). But way beyond that understanding, was my observation of my own interaction in the comedy. Normally I would have been horrified that Crispin dumped on another’s property, and I always carried a plastic bag around for just such a purpose.

Why didn’t I clean up the poop piles all along? I asked myself that very same question. While I admit I might have had a touch of retribution for his abuse of his own dogs, I was much more excited about having a fantastic opportunity to watch first-hand the law of attraction, each player’s role, my role, and to what purposes the event was occurring. I got to watch myself remain neutral and allow another his drama without feeling an urge to interfere, fix it or make it easier for him.

Is this the true essence of a teacher: Allowing others to seek in their own time and way?

The attitude I adopted was, “It’s his creation. Let him figure it out.”

More and more it feels like I’m finding comfort in this place of allowing those who are seeking to find me and choosing silence to those who are not yet ready to hear what I would have said. He will find his own way in his own time, of that I trust and know completely.

Isn’t that a great gift to give someone? Absolute freedom.

I like that idea.


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