Remove deadly chloramine from aquarium & fish tank water

Elininate Aquarium Chemicals in Aquariums and Fish TanksRefilling the fresh water in your aquarium or fish tank can be time-consuming, messy and stressful for both you and the fish, especially when you add chemicals to the water to remove the disinfectant chemicals from your water supply.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult or unsafe for your fish.

With the CuZn Aquarium Fill Clean water filter, you can easily eliminate the use of chemicals when filling and refilling your aquarium and revitalize your fish and other aquatic pets with a healthier, stress free transition to new water.

Aquarium Fill Clean water filter removes chlorine and chloramine from aquariums and fish tanksAquarium Fill Clean removes hundreds of harmful contaminants including chlorine, chloramine (which is deadly to fish), ammonia, nitrates, herbicides, pesticides, THMs (Trihalomethanes) DBPs (disinfection byproduct), heavy metals, lime scale, mold, mildew deposits and more.

Chlorine, which used to be the only water disinfectant used, is an oxidizer that burns fish gills. Chloramine, on the other hand, which is becoming more popular as a disinfectant because it can last up to a week, is also harmful to fish. Chloramine passes across the gills of a fish and into its blood, where the molecule attaches to the hemoglobin, acting like nitrite which can induce the disease methemoglobinemia. Fish stricken by chloramine poisoning are sluggish, respire heavily and often die.

Since chloramine (which is created by combining chlorine and ammonia) will not simply out-gas in a holding can the way chlorine does, even if exposed to sun and plentiful oxygen, it must be removed through filtration. But chloramine is tricky to remove. CuZn uses KDF 85 media to break the chlorine:ammonia bond, reducing them to their basic elements, which are then easy to remove with carbon media.

CuZn Aquarium Fill Clean parts and accessoriesAnother great feature of the CuZn Aquarium Fill Clean is that you can stop carrying heavy buckets of water or filling directly from your faucet to fill your aquarium or fish tank. The CuZn Aquarium Fill Clean connects directly to faucets and all gravel cleaning vacuums.

And the CuZn Aquarium Fill Clean does not leach any additives into your water or require the use of chemicals after the filling process has been completed.

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All filtration medias and filtration components are NSF approved.


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  1. What a clever system for removing chlorine and chloramines from fish tanks–it’s interesting how the carbon filter is directly in the tube for filling the tank. Thanks for sharing!

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