SAVE 15% off ALL Aulterra EMF Protection Products

Aulterra Neutralizers for Wireless Devices: Cell & Cordless Telephones,
Laptops, Tablets, Game Boys, Smart Meters, Baby Monitors, etc.

Man-made EMFs (Electromagnetic Field) and RFs (Radio Frequency) have a chaotic energy and different frequency from natural electromagnetic waves and can disrupt or distort organic energy patterns. It is precisely this ability to distort human energy patterns that causes artificial electromagnetic radiation to be hazardous. Man-made EMFs and RFs may cause headaches, fatigue, congestion, short-term memory problems, sleep problems, joint and muscle pain, cancer, and present other grave dangers to human health. Read more about Aulterra

Aulterra Neutralizer EMF Protection Discs Work
on Other Electromagnetic Radiation Devices, Too!

Cellular phones are not the only harmful electromagnetic-radiation-emitting devices in our homes or offices. If you have any of these electronic devices, you need the protection of the Aulterra Neutralizerâ„¢:

  • Smart Meters
  • Wireless Devices (blue tooth, ipod, iphone, etc.)
  • Wireless Computers and Printers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Cordless Telephone
  • Televisions, VCRs and Stereo Equipment
  • Video Game Equipment
  • Baby Monitors

Buy any of the following Aulterra products, and a 15% discount will automatically be given in the shopping cart. You can also call 866-875-4386 to place your order via telephone.

Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Discs

The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Discs are one inch in diameter and thin enough to place in the battery compartment of a cellular or cordless telephone. The disc can be cut into smaller pieces for a smaller size phone. You can remove the backing to permanently attach it to any electromagnetic-emitting device, but because the discs have no expiration date and will outlive any device, or you can use tape to attach the disc. Each disk has a three-foot radius. Order Aulterra Neutralizer Discs

Aulterra Whole House Plug

The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer whole house plug fits into any electrical outlet to retune the wiring, and it prevents outside EMFs from getting into the house. One Aulterra whole house plug works for 4,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. homes and office buildings, depending on the electrical usage (can take up to three days to retune the wiring in the building). Order Aulterra Neutralizer Whole House Plug

Bulk Aulterra Powder

Aulterra powder can neutralize the harmful effects of radon, too. Put the loose powder in plastic bags and place around your basement. Or sprinkle Aulterra on your food or supplements, because its unique combination of ingredients adds a significant positive energy to them. Order Aulterra Powder

Aulterra Energy Pillows

Give an extra boost of healing energy to the areas of your body where you need it the most. Sleep on it, sit on it, rest your back against it. It can improve sleep, reduce aches and pains, increase calmness and enhance well-being. Aulterra Energy Pillows are made with a tear-proof nylon and filled with Aulterra powder. The six-inch-square Aulterra Energy Pillows come in blue, green, purple and white. Order Aulterra Pillows


Aulterra Dietary Supplements

Aulterra can be used internally as a dietary supplement to neutralize
the effects of toxins in the body and to improve the body’s metabolism
of food and other dietary products. Aulterra Dietary Supplements are
available in 60 capsules $19.95 Order Aulterra Supplement
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