The Single Most Important Medicine Cabinet Item

8 Amazing Uses for Colloidal Defense

Colloidal Defense SupplementColloidal Defense is the single most important item in my medicine cabinet. Here are eight uses I have found for it:

  1. Over the years of adding Colloidal Defense nearly every day to my eyes, my vision has improved and my eyes are very clear and the whites are white (no red). There is no sign of degeneration or cataracts (I am nearly 65).
  2. A few years ago I got a slightly torn retina (I looked it up and I had the symptoms including seeing a white flash in darkness) so I used Colloidal Defense in my eye several times a day and it eventually went away and never came back.
  3. When I get an eye infection from rubbing my eyes with my dirty fingers (bad habit, but I am much better and do it only rarely now), I use the drops several times a day until the infection goes away, which is usually within 3 days or less.
  4. I apply it directly to a cut or wound to quickly heal it.
  5. It is great for cleaning my ears (great for ear infections, too) and my innie bellybutton.
  6. I take Colloidal Defense sublingually whenever I feel like I might be coming down with something to speed the recovery process.
  7. My FedEx delivery guy was complaining one day about his eyes burning from severe allergies and I talked him into trying a bottle of Colloidal Defense. He called me later that evening, saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
  8. My friend uses Colloidal Defense in her eyes to clear up floaters and for wounds.

One bottle lasts me for several months, using it as described above.

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