Vegan Gluten-Free Source of Calcium and B Vitamins

Vegan Gluten-Free Super Natural
Green Calcium Hydrilla

Hydrilla verticillata plant imageRaw source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc and more

Vibrant Health’s Raw Food Super Natural Green Calcium (Hydrilla verticillata) is a rooted fresh water plant that grows abundantly in lakes and streams of Florida. The Hydrilla calcium content is astonishingly high, as is iron and vitamin B-12, nutrients often dangerously low in pure vegetarian (vegan) diets. Green Calcium made from Hydrilla has about three times more beta-carotene than chlorella and is rich in most B-vitamins too.

Amount per 10.5 gram


19,593 iu

5,838 iu


76.13 mg

21 mg

(Vitamin activity) Potassium

244.65 mg

33.6 mg.


26.25 mg

0.1575 mg


29.74 mg

33.6 mg


0.084 mg

0.0483 mg


35.8 mg

16.8 mg


5.25 mg

2.52 mg


6.3 mg

6.3 mg


11.36 mg

0.147 mg


0.22 mg


35.91 mg

0.147 mg


0.43 mg


1.05 mg

0.126 mg


14.7 mcg


1,460.7 mg

21 mg

Vibrant Health Green Calcium Hydrilla Green Food SupplementVibrant Health Raw Food Super Natural Green Calcium Hydrilla Supplement

Hydrilla verticillata hyper-accumulates calcium from the calcium-rich soils underlying rivers and lakes in Florida. The plant is 14% or more calcium by weight after it is dried. That means one level tablespoon of powder weighing 4.75 grams delivers more than 700 mg. of elemental calcium in a highly bioavailable form complexed with proteins, carbohydrates and other food factors in the plant.

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Vitamin B-12, iron and calcium are commonly supplied by animal foods (e.g. milk, cheese, meats). Those three nutrients are responsible for maintaining mental health (cognition, attention span, neuronal life), for delivery of oxygen to cells, and for the maintenance of strong bones and resilient connective tissue. Adequate amounts of B-12, iron and calcium are difficult to obtain in vegan diets. Green Calcium is, therefore, a strong guardian of optimum health for vegans and omnivores alike. In addition, Green Calcium’s (Hydrillas) high beta-carotene delivers more anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-pollution protection than many other foods, and the rich content of B-vitamins fuels metabolism and protects nerve tissue.

The nutrient density and bland taste of Hydrilla make it a food of great value to everyone especially vegans and other types of vegetarians. It can be used extensively in the same way as yeast flakes: mixed into beverages, sauces, and salad dressings; sprinkled on salads and cooked into vegetable dishes to improve the nutritional value of nearly any prepared food.

Super Natural Green Calcium Hydrilla Ingredients

Hydrilla verticillata, and that’s all — a plant based raw food.

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