5 Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Purifier

There are many different air purification technologies on the market, but no one air purifier technology can solve every air pollution problem, which is why we carry different technologies and brands. When helping people to decide which air purifier technology and which model is right for their particular air pollution problems, the following are factors that we consider:

1. Pollution Problem (most important factor) – Knowing what air pollution problems you want to get rid of is the most important factor in selecting the right air purifier, because not all technologies get rid of all indoor air pollutants. For instance, if odors, chemicals or VOCs are your problem, you need to get a UV Oxidation or Carbon technology to get rid of the problem. A HEPA filter will NOT get rid of VOCs or chemical fumes and gases.

2. Cubic Air Space – All air purifiers list the maximum square footage it can cover, but that assumes ideal conditions and a standard eight foot ceiling. If your ceiling is higher, you must consider the cubic air space that is to be treated. For instance, if your space is 20′ x 20′ with an eight foot ceiling, you have 400 square feet to treat. However, if your 20′ x 20′ room had a twelve foot ceiling, you have 600 cubic air space to treat.

3. Contaminant Factor – The higher the contaminant factor, the lower the square footage the unit can cover. For example, the Surround XJ-3000D can cover 600 square foot, but if the unit is for a pack-a-day smoker, the XJ-3000D will only be able to cover about 300 square foot because cigarette smoke is a tough pollution source.

4. Occupancy – People bring pollutants inside the space through their shoes and clothes, and that adds to the existing pollution levels already in the space, so the more people that occupy the space, the higher the pollution levels and the smaller the square footage the air purifier can treat. Thus, a space with 3 people in it generally doesn’t change the treatable area, but 12 people in the space will. This is even more true with children.

5. Animals – Animals bring a lot of pollution with them in the form of odors, dander, hair and diseases like kennel cough, so the number of animals, their body size and hair type are always factored into the equation.

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