Neutralize Harmful Effects of Heavy Metals and Wireless Devices

Man-made EMFs (Electromagnetic Field) and RFs (Radio Frequency) have a chaotic energy and different frequency from natural electromagnetic waves and can disrupt or distort organic energy patterns. It is precisely this ability to distort human energy patterns that causes artificial electromagnetic radiation to be hazardous to your health. Man-made EMFs and RFs may cause headaches, fatigue, congestion, short-term memory problems, sleep problems, joint and muscle pain, cancer and present other grave dangers to human health.

Aulterra is an organic compound derived from a rare crystalline rock found in only two known sites in the world. Tests conducted on the rock powder in 1995 concluded that this unique substance reacted with the earth’s magnetic fields and neutralized radiation and heavy metals. It balances the magnetic fields of the body, which improves the body’s metabolism of food and other dietary products.

The Aulterra Neutralizer EMF Protection discs work on any cellular or cordless phone. Unlike other EMF-blocking devices, the Aulterra Neutralizerâ„¢ will not affect cellular phone reception or transmission. Your phone will still be the convenient communications tool you want it to be. The difference is that it will no longer be dangerous to your DNA and your health.

Cellular phones are not the only harmful electromagnetic-radiation-emitting devices in our homes or offices. If you have any of these electronic devices, you need the protection of the Aulterra Neutralizerâ„¢:

— Computer Monitors and Processors
— Microwave Ovens
— Cordless Telephone
— Televisions and VCRs
— Video Game Equipment

Aulterra is available in the following forms:

  • Disks used for all wireless devices, including cell and cordless phones, ipads, iphones, tablets, computers, printers, etc.
  • Whole house plug, which fits into any electrical outlet to clear the electrical wiring plus all appliances permanently plugged in. Also, it prevents outside EMFs from getting into the house. One Aulterra whole house plug works for 4,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. homes and office buildings, and can take up to three days to retune the wiring. Does not use any electricity nor interfere with electronic operations.
  • Capsule supplement to neutralize the effects of toxins in your body while resting or sleeping.
  • Powder to neutralize the harmful effects of radon. Also can be sprinkled on food or supplements to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Pillows to sleep on it, sit on it, rest your back against it, just keep it close to you.

Benefits reported by Aulterra users include better sleep, decreased joint pain from arthritis, increased calmness, less anger, increased ability to truly listen and hear others and enhanced awareness.
NOTE: To protect yourself from a car that uses an electric battery, place an Aulterra pillow under the seat and an Aulterra disc on the starter button.

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