Dog Groomers, Breeders, Kennels and Vets: End the Spread of Kennel Cough

Solve Infectious Disease and Odor Problems in Kennels

What Is Canine Cough?

It has been well documented that grooming rooms and kennel areas have high levels of viruses and bacteria. In fact, canine infectious tracheobronchitis (also known as canine cough) is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in dogs. Canine cough is most commonly associated with a bacterial infection caused by the organism Bordetella bronchiseptica.

“The Air Oasis 5000 is working wonderfully. Within 24 hours of first plugging it in our canine cough issues disappeared.” – Andrea G., Tri State Pet Care

Benefits of the Air Oasis Animal Air Purifier models include:

  • Air Oasis AeroAllergen Study ResultsDestroys airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • Destroys objectionable odors from medicines and chemicals.
  • Destroys molds, fungi and yeast.
  • Eliminates odors from cleaners and disinfectants.
  • Significantly reduces cage and animal odors.
  • Stops the spread of Kennel Cough.
  • Sanitizes surface areas.
  • Aids in prevention of respiratory infections.

“We have the Air Oasis 5000 in our kennel and in addition to keeping the odors at bay, our animals are healthier and we have NO problems with kennel cough.” — Bloomingrove Vet Hospital, NY

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Our approach is to help you find the best solution for your environment, and most of the time we end up selling the Air Oasis air purifiers because they do more, use less energy, are quieter and have lower maintenance costs.

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