Right Size Air Filter for Your Nail Salon

Let Your Nail Techs Breathe Easy

Nail salons, especially acrylic nail salons, need the right type of air filter to clear the air and keep your techs healthy. You also want your customers to breathe easy and not stink as they leave your building (they leave good reviews then).

And, you want yourself to be healthy. You’re the one that’s going to spend all day, every day exposed to the fumes. And don’t forget not gassing out your neighbors.

Some air filters, especially the cheap ones, are big, clunky, and noisy. Our air filters are different. In fact, the Airpura is so quiet, your tech and customers can whisper to each other while seated right next to it. And it’s one of the best to clear the air. Let’s look at why.

Nail Salon Air Purifiers – Right Size, Right Filter

Acrylic nail salons need to use the right type of filter, and that’s a carbon filter. Activated carbon filters help remove volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from the air and trap them inside the carbon filter. Read more about this process in this article, which tells you why you should be using an activated carbon filter.

The right size filter is also essential. Filters that are too small get clogged up quickly. That means you’re spending more money to replace the filters and more electricity to pull the air through. What money you saved in the beginning, you waste many times over replacing the filters.

That doesn’t mean you need the most expensive air filter, either.

The Airpura filtering system has one of the largest per volume activated carbon filters for the size of the machine. That’s why you can run these machines slowly and quietly and get the maximum amount of air filtered. Plus, some models have an additional HEPA filter for added benefits.

Truthfully, you want to run your activated carbon filter slowly. The slower the air moves through the carbon, the more chances the dangerous acrylic nail fumes, those VOCs, have of getting trapped within the carbon filter.

So, do you want one big air filter or several small ones?

The answer is: it depends on your salon. For larger salons, mainly where various stations include hairdressing and other holistic practices, larger air filters positioned strategically in your salon will help keep all of the air fresh and clean.

If you’re part of a smaller nail salon, a couple of smaller units right by the nail tech station will remove odors before they have the chance to travel anywhere.

Other factors affect the performance, as well, so you should talk to us before you buy, so you get the right filter.

How Acrylic Nails Affect Air Purifiers

One other issue you need to keep in mind is replacing your filter. Over time, the carbon filter gets clogged up with all those trapped chemicals. How often do you want to change your filter?

With the Airpura run as directed, it allows you at least two years before you even have to think about replacing your filter. And, for the size, our air filters have some of the lowest replacement costs.

That’s because we use a larger percentage of activated carbon. Most filters may use between 9 and 12 lbs of activated carbon. We use between 18lbs in the smaller models and 26lbs in the larger models. It translates to fresher air and longer filter life.

If you choose a smaller air filter and expect to cover a big space, you’re going to be changing your air filter quite often. And some of the cheaper machines, this replacement can happen every 3 to 4 weeks. What you save initially, you spend many times over replacing air filters.

We have several models of air filters within the Airpura system, and we will help you determine the right size for your salon; call us toll-free at 866-875-4386 or send an email to carol@inspiredliving.com. With our 15 years of experience, we promise you’ll get the best for your budget and needs. And if we get it wrong, we’ll make it right.

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