Which One Will You Choose?

There is a movement underfoot on our planet that acts like a snowball rolling down a hill, gaining mass and speed as it moves along. There is a point at which that snowball cannot be stopped, and our snowball – the Awakened Human Consciousness snowball – has just passed that limit.

Our shift in human consciousness toward a more compassionate, kind, accepting and peaceful world is spreading like wildfire throughout humanity. The light of that movement shines so brightly that it illuminates the darkness within our ranks.

You can see it everywhere as new scandals are revealed nearly every day, exposing the darkness of greed, corruption, deceit, selfishness, discrimination, fear and hate … that which represents that worst in humankind. It is the dense, dark energy of those who seek to control us and our planet.

But the light of love has always been and will always be more powerful than the fear of darkness because only light can illuminate the darkness within one’s soul.

We are more alike than we imagine, and we all have the seed of Creative Source within us to create whatever world we want. We can use that creative power to bring joy, love and upliftment to those we encounter or we can waste that creative spark on anger, hate, bullying and violence.

One choice feels like heaven, the other like hell.

The choice is yours.

Will you join the path that leads to a lighter, kinder, more compassionate and loving world or the path to more hate, violence and darkness?

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