Where Did We Go Wrong?

How did we get to this place where bullying, hate and violence are the norm, where lies go unchallenged, corruption abounds, science is rejected and environmental pollution is okay?

Did we instruct our children to selfishly think only about themselves?

Did we teach them to be wasteful and destructive to our environment?

Did we let them think that polluting our water, air and planet was acceptable?

Did we encourage our children to bully, torture or retaliate to get their way?

Did we brainwash them to believe that our way was the only right way?

Did we inundate them with the message that they were worthless or unlovable?

Or was it the examples we set in the words we spoke, the actions we took, the lives we led?

Wherever blame is placed for the rise of hate, bullying, greed and violence in our society, the real cause is fear.

Fear lives in the void caused by feeling disconnected from Creative Source. Fear wears many faces: fear of lack, of loss, of powerlessness, of failure, of not feeling loved, of not feeling heard, fear of rejection, fear of death … so many fears to choose from.

The problem with living life through fear is that it doesn’t feel very good. If that describes you, my guess is that you feel stressed most of the time, are friends with conflict and have a variety of health problems. You likely wake up tired, get irritable frequently and are just plain tired of the struggle.

You wish someone would swoop in and fix your pain, ease the stress and make your life better.

Who wouldn’t wish for that?

But, and this is a big but,


And the first step to initiate those changes is to change your perspective and beliefs about what you see in the world. When you see a person who is not the same color, religion, heritage, economic level or gene pool than you, embrace them as another human creature who has the Creative Source spark in them, just like you. It’s not necessary to agree on everything because diversity is a gift that enriches life. It is through open-mindedness and collaboration that differences can coexist peacefully.

The Creative Source rule that applies here is free will. You have the free will to believe whatever you want to believe, to say whatever you want to say and to live whatever way you want to live.

So how is your life working for you? Have your choices created loving family and friends, meaningful work, abundance and great heath? Are you happy? Do you feel loved and acknowledged? Do you feel connected to Creative Source?

If not, then the second step is to start becoming mindful of the thoughts you think, the words you say and the actions you take, for they are the catalysts that create your experiences.

The Creative Source rule that applies here is: What you sow, so shall you reap … also known as what goes around comes around and cause and effect.

If you are a mean, hateful, spiteful, dishonest or angry person, you will see that everywhere in your life because that’s where you’re focused, that’s what you’re looking for to validate your beliefs.

To change that, you must reframe how you think. When you catch yourself thinking critical, judgmental, hurtful or unloving thoughts about another, before speaking or taking action, first ask yourself the question, “If someone said or did that to me, how would I feel?”

The next question would then be, “How can I lead with love in this situation?”

When you lead with love, you see the good in people, the kindness, compassion, generosity and lovability that is our birthright – the Creative Source gift – seeded in each and every one of us.

To deny it in another is to deny it in yourself and to deny your connection to Creative Source.

If you are surrounded with compassionate, kind and loving friends and family, if you wake up feeling excited about the day and all the new blessing to come, if you feel loved and valued and extend that love to all others, then, and only then, are you resonating with the light of Creative Source.

And that can lead to heaven on Earth.

What are you waiting for?

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