Stop Wasting Money on Spoiled Food with Refrigerator Ozonator

Eliminate Odors ∙ Reduce Food Spoilage
Slow Food Decay ∙ Inhibit Mold Growth

How Does Ethylene Affect Ripening Fruit and Vegetables?

Once cut, fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants produce ethylene gas as they age. If allowed to accumulate, the ethylene further accelerates the aging process.

Continuous or intermittent use of appropriate levels of ozone in refrigerated spaces has shown to be effective in reducing the rate of plant and produce aging by destroying ethylene gas without producing any negative side effects on the product, thus reducing food spoilage and decay and extending the quality and shelf life of most produce. Additionally, ozone eliminates food odors.

Improve Food Storage by Eliminating
the Ethylene gas Food Spoilage Factors

Refrigerator Ozonator

The Refrigerator Ozonator delays molding and decay of many foods you buy including fruits and vegetables helping them retain their freshness and flavor longer. The average household throws away 150 pounds of produce every year, due to spoiling before use. The Refrigerator Ozonator could save your family $300 during the first year, alone, more than four times the purchase price!  The Refrigerator Ozonator runs on four “D” batteries (not included).

“I spent hundreds of dollars a month on organic, highly perishable fresh fruits and vegetables. The Refrigerator Ozonator paid for itself in less than three months.” — B. Lueke, San Diego, CA

Strawberries After 10 Days

The Refrigerator Ozonator significantly reduces the bacterial and fungal loads in the air and on surfaces where plants, flowers and produce are stored, creating the sanitary environment needed to dramatically enhance product quality, improve product longevity, reduce spoilage and extend shelf life.

Eliminates Odors in Your Refrigerator

The Refrigerator Ozonator eradicates odors in your refrigerator caused by many foods, including leftovers.

“Our refrigerator at the office doesn’t stink anymore. It’s a miracle!” — T. Rhodda, Salt Lake City, UT

Fits Neatly in Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator Ozonator is engineered for the harsh conditions of cold with high levels of humidity and are ideal for use in refrigerators. These units will dramatically improve hygienic conditions by significantly reducing the level of biological contaminants, including bacteria, viruses and mold, and are effective in neutralizing unpleasant odors and eliminating odor transference between products. It requires four (4) ”D” batteries and the dimensions are 5” Wide x 5.25” High x 2.5” Deep. The unit treats 16 cubic feet.

Promotes a Clean Refrigerator Environment

The Refrigerator Ozonator promotes a clean environment inside your refrigerator. When produced in sufficient quantities, ozone is known to oxidize, and, thereby, destroy many harmful germs and bacteria, molds, and yeast that may cause infection or incidents of disease and illnesses that can be transmitted from one family member to another by hand contact on foods, food containers and other hard surfaces inside your refrigerator.

“It’s so simple! Like having a maid in the fridge. I just put it on the top shelf and there it sits, working all by itself! ” — T. Helper, Las Vegas, NV

Simple to Use

Step 1: Open the box and remove your Refrigerator Ozonator from the Styrofoam shield and its protective plastic covering.

Step 2: Press both tabs on the sides of the Refrigerator Ozonator at the same time to separate the top half of the Refrigerator Ozonator from the lower half (battery compartment). Insert four (4) “D” size batteries properly into the lower-battery compartment of the Refrigerator Ozonator (batteries not included).

Step 3: Firmly reattach the lower half of the Refrigerator Ozonator to the top half. Once the two halves are securely attached, the light on the front of the Refrigerator Ozonator will turn solid green, indicating the Refrigerator Ozonator is activated and working properly.

Step 4: Place the Refrigerator Ozonator on the top shelf inside your refrigerator. Do not remove the Refrigerator Ozonator from your refrigerator during operation, except to replace the batteries.

How Safe Is Ozone?

In 1997 the FDA deemed that ozone was generally recognized as safe as a disinfectant for foods. It can be used to increase crop yield, protect foods during storage and transit, and for general sanitizing purposes.

The National Organic Standards Board also allows ozone use for processing.

According to the National Food Processors Association, ozone is very efficient in killing pathogens and spoilage organisms, and its use by the food industry will be welcomed as another tool to ensure the production of safe and wholesome foods.

The USDA says ozone can be applied to sanitize and can also help prevent spoilage during shipping.

Scientific Advisors

D.M. Graham, Ph.D. – Dr. Graham pioneered the application of ozone as an antimicrobial agent in food processing, and chaired a national panel of food safety experts in 1997, resulting in GRAS (Generally Accepted As Safe) affirmation of ozone for use in food processing. This was followed by a Food Additive Petition (FAP)presented to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000, and approved in 2001.

Rip G. Rice, Ph.D. – Dr. Rice served as an information resource to the Electric Power Research Institute (“EPRI”) panel of experts that declared ozone to be GRAS for direct contact with foods in June of 1997. Later, the EPRI commissioned Dr. Rice to write a Food Additive Petition (FAP) requesting FDA approval of ozone as an antimicrobial agent for direct contact with foods. That FAP was submitted in August 2000 and was approved by the FDA in 2001.

Independent Study

An independent study proved the Refrigerator Ozonator is “very effective” in eliminating strong food odors and protecting storage life of strawberries and other produce. The shelf life of cut cantaloupe was more than doubled by storage with the Refrigerator Ozonator.

According to an independent study, conducted by R & D Enterprises of Walnut Creek, CA, a leading laboratory for ozone research, refrigerator odor elimination by the Refrigerator Ozonator is “very effective” even for foods such as unwrapped gorgonzola cheese, unwrapped onions, fresh crushed garlic, cooked cabbage and four-day old raw chicken parts. This claim is well supported by data from a ten-member professional panel. All ten panelists rated the Refrigerator Ozonator test refrigerator as having essentially “no food odors”, while a normal fridge with the same contents was characterized as having “strong food odors”.

The same study showed that produce such as fresh strawberries were much improved by storage with ozone. Molding was prominent in the control berries, while the Refrigerator Ozonator-protected berries still looked fresh and wholesome after storage for eight (8) days. In addition, the shelf life of cut cantaloupe was more than doubled by storage with the Refrigerator Ozonator. Celery stalks remained firm much better with ozone; the improvement compared to storage in a non-Refrigerator Ozonator fridge was “very noticeable”.

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