What’s Special about Vibrant Health Vitamin D3?

Vibrant Health Vitamin D3 is delivered in the cleanest dosage form possible: Certified Organic Tablets. No gelatin, no noxious binders. The vitamin itself is not certified organic, because isolated nutrients cannot be certified under current regulations. But the rest of the tablet is composed of more than 95% certified organic materials, delivering Vitamin D3 in a certified organic tablet.

Vibrant Health 4000 i.u. Vitamin D3 Supplement imageWhy Take a Vitamin D Supplement?

If you do not get sufficient Vitamin D from sun exposure, your body becomes deficient in this necessary vitamin. Research over the past decade has reinforced the importance of Vitamin D in human nutrition. In the process, new roles in health maintenance related to immunity and chemoprevention have been added to the nutrient’s widely known benefits for skeletal health, and, indirectly, for tissue integrity. Vitamin D has now been shown to have a role in preventing various illnesses, while supporting brain and immune function.

100 tablets per container, serving size is 1 tablet.

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