Turning Failure into Success

The way I see it, we are always getting it right, even when it appears that we’ve made a mistake, goofed things up or failed, for everything we do leads to greater understanding and wisdom. We can’t get it wrong. There is no should, shouldn’t, can’t, have to, need to or must, because life is not a test, no one is keeping score, we are not being graded and no one but ourselves is our ultimate judge.

I view failure more as a detour, just like taking a path that led to a place different from where I was wanting to go, but along the way I gained useful information to help me find a path more aligned with my intended destination. Like going to an ice cream store and buying a new flavor, then after taking a few bites realizing that I don’t really like that flavor. I never would have known that I didn’t like it until after I tried it, and now I don’t have to eat it ever again, but what about all the great ice cream flavors I’ve discovered because I allowed myself to try something new and unknown?

So don’t be afraid of making mistakes or failing, because sometimes those experiences offer more understanding and wisdom than can ever be found in success.

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