Unusual and Healthy Uses of Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt

While most people are aware of Himalayan Salt Lamps, you may not know of many other uses for Himalayan salt for health improvement, such as,

Himalayan Salt Inhaler for improved sinus and lung healthHimalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler is made from high quality ceramic filled with original himalayan salt crystals. Its salty microclimate calms and cleanses the cells of the respiratory system. When using the Himalayan salt inhaler, the moisture of the passing air absorbs the micron-sized particles of the salt, then penetrates into the respiratory system to achieve the beneficial effects. The sodium content of the active ingredients induces natural self cleansing mechanisms that flush away the impurities from the surface of the cells. Salt particles also mechanically clean the air passages.

“The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is excellent. I noticed the difference in a few days. As the days progressed, the need for the in-between inhaler from the doctor lessened, and the last couple
of days I haven’t needed that inhaler at all … last night I slept cough-free without having to take cough medicine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” — June Y., Wisconsin

Daily use for several minutes can help: Ease breathing, alleviate sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath, reduce allergies caused by pollen and hay fever, improve sinus conditions and diminish the effects of smoking and dehydration.

NOTE: The amount of sodium fumes that enter your lungs is so small that it does not affect blood pressure or cause problems with thyroid conditions sensitive to iodine. Read more about Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Himalayan Therapeutic Muscle and Joint Relief Bath SaltsHimalayan Crystal Rock Therapeutic Bath Salts blends were created to rise above the cheaper, cosmetic-grade products that are available on the mass market. The salt formulas are organic and the oil blends have been created specifically for the manufacturer by a licensed aroma therapist and a practicing herbalist, and are not available to any other company. The oils were chosen because of their specific, proven benefits to the body, and for their ability to enhance each other. The blends are formulated
to be therapeutic, not cosmetic, and the oils are very high quality, therapeutic-grade organic oils that are pure and uncut. There are no synthetics or colorants used, nor any other ingredients to enhance scent. Three therapeutic bath salts are available: Muscle and Joint Relief, Colds and Flu and Detoxification Read more about Therapeutic Himalayan Bath Salts

Himalayan Salt Detoxer for hands and feetHimalayan Salt Detox Lamp is both a pleasing, natural work of art and a powerful tool for rebalancing, revitalizing and gently cleansing the body and mind. When the Himalayan Salt Detoxer is lit, both gentle light and warmth radiate from the smooth salt surface and the salt releases negative ions that are anti-microbial, air purifying, skin purifying and that promote a sense of well being.

The warmth of the stone causes the feet to sweat, allowing the salt to purify and cleanse. Toxins are pulled out and minerals pulled in, thus decreasing unhealthy acidity. This also helps ease
tiredness, aching, and symptoms of stress caused by over-exertion.
As well, the Himalayan Salt Detoxer softens and gently exfoliates the skin as it binds with the salt through the moisture on the hands and feet. Read more about Himalayan Salt Detox Lamp

“Quite by accident, I discovered an amazing use of the Himalayan Salt Detoxer Lamp. A visiting friend was complaining that his hands were very achy from building a rock water fall, so I suggested he place his hands on the heated dome while we chatted. Not only did the heat of the salt lamp take away the achiness, but he reported later that the pain stayed away for several days.” — Carol James, Founder of InspiredLiving.com


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