My Travel Plans For 2016

I have been in many places, but I’ve never been in Kahoots. Apparently, you can’t go alone. You have to be in Kahoots with someone. I’ve also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don’t have an airport; you have to be driven there. … Continue reading My Travel Plans For 2016

Turn Wanting into Having

Do you make lists of things you want to have or be? For instance, I want to see the best in people. I want to be okay not being right. I want to follow my heart more Identifying what you do want is a necessary first step toward having the stuff you want, although the … Continue reading Turn Wanting into Having

Where Did We Go Wrong?

How did we get to this place where bullying, hate and violence are the norm, where lies go unchallenged, corruption abounds, science is rejected and environmental pollution is okay? Did we instruct our children to selfishly think only about themselves? Did we teach them to be wasteful and destructive to our environment? Did we let … Continue reading Where Did We Go Wrong?

Which One Will You Choose?

There is a movement underfoot on our planet that acts like a snowball rolling down a hill, gaining mass and speed as it moves along. There is a point at which that snowball cannot be stopped, and our snowball – the Awakened Human Consciousness snowball – has just passed that limit. Our shift in human … Continue reading Which One Will You Choose?

Love or hate? Which have you chosen?

There are two paths to walk in life: One filled with compassion, love and support of ourselves and others or one filled with fear, hate, intolerance and anger. One feels like heaven, the other like hell. Guess which one is which. Which path are you traveling on?   Share This:

How to Tell if a Move Is Right for You

Moving, whether to a new home or job, is stressful in all ways, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And your next living or working destination will set the tone for the next chapter in your life, so the questions to ask yourself are: Will moving/working there (where ever there is) enhance my health and well-being? … Continue reading How to Tell if a Move Is Right for You

Epilog to the Horrible Daughter Story

“People can’t change so that’s that,” my 94-year-old mother declared. That was her response to our first ever confrontation. I am soon to be 67. I had confronted her because on Christmas day, in two public locations, she had announced to all what a horrible daughter I was. After I recovered from my shock at … Continue reading Epilog to the Horrible Daughter Story

Life Tip: Getting Your Timing Right

Timing is everything and everything has its right timing. Acting too soon can cause struggles and upsets. Acting too late can lead to a missed opportunity. When it feels right, it is the right time, and not a minute sooner. Be patient until you feel that right time and everything will come together easily, quickly … Continue reading Life Tip: Getting Your Timing Right

Before You Take Your Final Breath

Dear Mom, On this, your 94th birthday, my wish for you is that before you take your final breath in this world, you experience the force and power of love. Real love between two people. Love that accepts you just the way you are. Love that embraces all that you have been, all that you … Continue reading Before You Take Your Final Breath

It’s Never Too Late to Repair a Broken Relationship

“Let’s get right down to it,” she said. “We have never been close.” “Since the day I was born.” I responded. Thus began the first ever face-to-face, let’s-get-honest conversation with my soon-to-be-94-year-old mom. I started the conversation to talk about the hateful and hurtful things she said about me in public on Christmas Day. She … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late to Repair a Broken Relationship