Dealing with anxiety in the workplace without medication

What is the cause of the anxiety?  Is it work overload, an unhealthy environment, aggressive or abusive personalities or you don’t really enjoy the work you do?

Changing your work situation so you can mostly avoid the stressors is the easy fix. But that doesn’t really solve the bigger problem, and that is letting others or your environment control your emotions and how you feel about yourself. Therein lays the permanent solution because if you can change your perspective about the source of the anxiety, the anxiety goes away.

If you can’t eliminate the cause, you can change the way you think about the cause.

For instance, if there’s a fellow employee who makes life miserable for others, instead of taking it personal, see them in the light of how insecure and unhappy that person must be to exhibit that behavior. Also realize that it might not be a personal attack on you, just their inability to deal effectively with their own anxiety about their life or job, and they are unleashing their own anxiety in your direction. If you take it on and make it your own, then you become anxious.

Can you find a calm space within yourself that knows your value and feels confident?  It’s that space that lets other’s self-worth issues just bounce off because you know that what they say speaks volumes about their own insecurities and has nothing whatsoever to do with you.

In the bigger scheme of things, see yourself as not the target, but rather just an observer and feel compassion for them.

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